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Perhaps the journey of becoming your higher self is not about becoming anything,

but about unbecoming all the things you were told to be in the first place.

Going in to my boudoir shoot with Jill it was not my first shoot, so I had an idea of what to expect. With that said, she completely surpassed my expectations. She was great at making us both feel comfortable and bringing our love to life in her photos. Not only did she have excellent ideas for posing us but she also made sure to incorporate my own ideas and wishes, so that the end product was exactly what I was looking for. I am so pleased with how the shoot went and how all of the photos came out. I would highly recommend Jill to anyone looking for a photographer, whether it be boudoir or otherwise.

                                                                                                  Laura & Jon


Dive deeper into your boudoir experience


Holistic Intimate Portrait Sessions

For individuals looking for deeper connection with themselves.

Holistic Intimate Portrait Sessions use a combination of coaching and photography to create a boudoir experience rooted in trust and safety of expression. Before your photo session, you'll have a Grounding Session with holistic life coach, Des from Staying Rooted Co.  Des offers a safe space for unfolding & becoming, gently guiding you to your own unique truths & discoveries. You'll have the chance to explore what comes up as you prepare for your intimate photo session in a safe and welcoming space. Then, when you're ready, you and I will work together to craft a boudoir experience that speaks to your story and feels like you. We'll discuss what came up for you during your Grounding Session, what your portrait session will mean to you, and what message you want your photos to convey. Holistic Intimate Portrait Sessions are about taking a whole-person approach to the boudoir experience. These sessions are about more than just pretty photos - they're about peeling away the layers to find your fire, your heart-light, and letting it shine.


That 's Des

Des is a Holistic Coach at Staying Rooted Company, who’s passion is to get to the heart of everyone she meets. She focuses on the mind, body, & soul in connection to our creative desires & life aspirations because it’s not just “mindset work”, it’s about caring for our whole selves. Her style of coaching offers a safe space for unfolding & becoming, gently guiding each client to their own unique truths & discoveries. Through powerful questions & authentic connection, holistic style coaching is for anyone ready to embrace their own story & create a life of purpose, depth, and meaning.

"Through this collaboration, we will dive into your story & what this photo session will bring you through our 90 minute coaching call. Our time together will help prepare you for feeling authentically connected to yourself & ready for this intimate time in front of the camera. Our collaboration is rooted in trust & safety of expression. You’re safe here. "


The Holistic Approach


We believe that a boudoir experience can and should be so much more than just pretty photos. It's about stripping away the layers of your identity to show up authentically in your vulnerability - mentally and physically. Who are you beyond the role of parent, spouse, co-worker... ? 

By combining holistic coaching and personalized intimate portraiture, we've created a boudoir experience that connects the mind, the body, and the soul.

Your greatest attribute lies in being your honest self. No one else thinks like you, looks like you, or has what you have to offer... and that's what makes you uniquely magnificent. Holistic Intimate Portraiture is an empowering experience designed to give you the pen so you can rewrite your story exactly as you want. It's about reclaiming this chapter in your journey and finding power in your authentic vulnerability.


Ready to dive deeper?

Not sure if a Holistic Intimate Session is right for you? Tap the arrow below to fill out an inquiry form, and I'll be in touch within 24-48 hours. We can have an open conversation about what's been coming up for you and what you're looking to get out of a boudoir experience - so that I can meet you where you are now. This chapter of your story is unlike any other. You are unfolding and becoming who you're meant to be. Maybe you're ready to shout it from the rooftops, or maybe you're still figuring out how to get up there. Wherever you are on your journey, I'm here to help you revel in the now.

All boudoir packages come with complimentary polaroid prints and a keepsake flash drive with your full gallery.


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