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What if we reimagine the boudoir experience as a mind-body transformation?


What would it look like to take a whole person approach that meets you where you are and honors your unique story?

These are the questions I asked myself when I began photographing boudoir. When I started, the boudoir world felt pretty stale. It felt hyper-focused on the male gaze and only surface deep. I wanted to break the mold and create an experience that felt personalized and in alignment with people's intimacy and story. So I created an intimate portrait experience that honors the individual and invokes a transformative "coming home" to the self through mind-body connection and expression.


Intimate  & Empowering


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Perhaps the journey of becoming your higher self is not about becoming anything,

but about unbecoming all the things you were told to be in the first place.

Intimate Portraiture
                              is for everyone








Looking for something specific?






Portrait captured  by Leah Hahn

An experience informed by experience

After my first intimate experience in front of the lens, I felt a lot of things. At first, I felt excited and truly beautiful. Boudoir has this really amazing way of lighting that fire inside you. I felt so empowered by the experience. Empowered that I chose it for myself, that I showed up for myself, and that I could give myself love and compassion throughout the session. 

But I also felt kind of... strange. I expected to feel a lot more confident about expressing myself in front of the lens. The day of the shoot, I suddenly realized that I didn't really know how to express myself beyond the role of mom, co-worker, wife, etc. It felt like a major wake-up call.

Who am I? And how do I express that? How do I let that person out through intimate portraiture?

That was the moment I realized just how important it was not only for me to get to know my clients, but for my clients to get to know themselves beyond their expected roles.

I truly believe that boudoir is a transformative experience if you open yourself up to it.

Intimate portraiture isn't something you decide to do once you've reached a certain goal. It seems to have the biggest impact when it's used as a way to explore your relationship with yourself and to document the beauty of that journey.

Ready to dive in?


I’ve wanted to have a boudoir shoot for a few years and never felt I was clicking with photographers I was reaching out to. I met Jill as she was shooting my friend’s wedding and instantly knew I wanted her as my photographer. My consultation with her felt like having coffee with a friend. I remember sharing my ideas with her, and her being so excited about them.

I had my photoshoot at a waterfall, which Jill traveled separate days to find for me. A huge part of my doing this was wanting to feel as though my body is home - that I am my own safe space after a lifetime of hearing otherwise. Jill created an energy surrounding the space we were in and what we were doing that allowed me to explore in safety, grounding, and true inner light. This couldn’t have come at a better time for me, and if I could have it my way, Jill would capture every important life happening I have moving forward.

The process








Dive deeper into your boudoir experience


For individuals looking for deeper connection with themselves.

Holistic Intimate Portrait Sessions use a combination of coaching and photography to create a boudoir experience rooted in trust and safety of expression. Before your photo session, we'll schedule a Grounding Session to explore what's coming up for you as you prepare for your time in front of the lens. This is a safe space for you to unfold the layers of your identity in an effort to discover the roots of your intimate relationship with yourself or your partner. Through guided meditation and open conversation, we'll work on unmasking your personal truth. This is a welcoming space for you to explore how you define your intimate expression and reclaim your desires. Then, when you're ready, we'll work together to craft a portrait experience that speaks to your story and feels like you. Holistic Intimate Portrait Sessions are about taking a whole-person approach to the boudoir experience that feels personalized and aligned. These sessions are about more than just beautiful imagery - they're about peeling away the layers to find your fire, your heart-light, and letting it shine.


The Holistic Approach

I believe that a boudoir experience can and should be so much more than just pretty photos. It's about stripping away the layers of your identity to show up authentically in your vulnerability - mentally and physically. Who are you beyond the role of parent, spouse, co-worker... ? 

By combining holistic guidance and personalized intimate portraiture, I've created a boudoir experience designed to align mind, body, and soul.

Your greatest attribute lies in being your honest self. No one else thinks like you, looks like you, or has what you have to offer... and that's what makes you uniquely magnificent. Holistic Intimate Portraiture is an transformative experience designed to give you the pen so you can redefine your intimacy without anyone else's approval. It's about reclaiming this chapter in your journey and finding power in vulnerability and authenticity.


Ready to dive deeper?

Not sure if a Holistic Intimate Session is right for you? Tap the arrow below to fill out an inquiry form, and I'll be in touch within 24-48 hours. We can have an open conversation about what's been coming up for you and what you're looking to get out of a boudoir experience - so that I can meet you where you are now. This chapter of your story is unlike any other. You are unfolding and becoming who you're meant to be. Maybe you're ready to shout it from the rooftops, or maybe you're still figuring out how to get up there. Wherever you are on your journey, I'm here to help you revel in the now.


Invest in 


Intimate portrait offerings are personalized to fit your needs, with the smallest package offering an in-home portrait session without professional hair and makeup, and the largest package offering a holistic approach to a full studio session complete with on-site hair and makeup.

Most clients invest $600 to $1000 into their boudoir session. However, some invest up to $1500 for a transformative whole-person intimate portrait experience.

The first step to creating an experience that aligns with your vision, is to inquire to schedule a consult.

bridal boudoir-12_edited.jpg

Bridal Boudoir Reimagined

So, you're getting married... and your fiancé is just the most incredible person you've ever met. They understand you, they support you, and they fulfill all of your wildest desires. They deserve something spicy for your wedding day. 

Commitment is honestly so sexy. Your partner just decided they want to commit a lifetime to loving you. It's probably one of the most important decisions they've ever had to make... and they decided to choose you... FOR-EV-ER.

Let's give them a little something in return. 

Fun Fact:

My love for boudoir actually comes from photographing couples on their wedding day. The quiet reflection of getting ready moments felt so much deeper to me. There's something amazing about the way a lover can make you feel more connected to a moment with yourself. It got me thinking, why not create a safe space for these moments to really unfold? So I created a bridal boudoir experience that's meant to precede those day-of getting ready moments. It's the perfect gift for building anticipation for your fiancé on the wedding day.

Bridal boudoir includes two sets and two outfits. One for a more traditional bridal boudoir feel and another one that speaks to your personality. For that second set, I want you to imagine your dream set. Maybe you're a crazy plant mom and you want to be surrounded by greenery and flooding natural light. Maybe you love color and you want direct-flash, badass portraits fit for a queen on hot pink photo paper. That first set might be for your fiancé, but that second set is all about you!

on-site hair & makeup included upon request

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