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Authentic & Intentional: In-Home Family Session | Bethlehem, PA

Before our session, Amanda and I talked for over an hour on the phone. We talked about her family's routines and hobbies, their personalities and connections, what rooms they spent their time in, and so on.

Amanda and Eric's home is totally an extension of themselves. Simple, creative, functional, and bold. I wanted to capture their family's connections to their space and to each other. Amanda loved the idea, and so they graciously welcomed me into their home.

Amanda works in the arts and Eric is a teacher and bike rider. Amanda draws regularly with her kids. She draws these goofy little pencil drawings of their dog, Leena, doing everyday things - her kids love it! During our session, Jojo worked on her own drawing of Leena, and Sam showed me his amazingly detailed wild animal drawings.

Sam is captivated by animals. He draws them, studies them, and sleeps in a big pile of them! Oh, and Sam loves his trampoline too.

Jojo loves just about everything a little girl could love - drawing, roller skating, dress up, hair-braiding, cuddling her dog, and twirling in her pretty blue dress.

Being welcomed into their space and routine allowed me to capture their family in a way that felt natural and meaningful. So that when they look back at their photos, they remember this chapter of their story - and all the BIG magic of each little moment.

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