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Creative and Personalized Family Lifestyle Session | Poconos, PA

Jollette and Louis's family session was so much more than just family photos. Their gallery paints a picture of their daily lives. It honors their connection to their home, their land, and to each other in a creative and personalized way. Before their session, Jollette told me about how they bought their house for the land. They live nestled into 12 acres (and counting) of woods tucked away in the Poconos. But Jollette, being the creative momma that she is, is constantly adding to and redesigning parts of their home. Although their home is modest, is pours out a magic much like that of the ever-evolving, overflowing magic found in a Studio Ghibli film. Her and Louis have been together since middle school - 20 years! - and married for 8 years. They're raising two creative, curious, complex, and smart boys - Joelle and Lennox. They have 3 dogs, a flock of ducks, and two turtles. As a family, they're known to the Tiktok and Instagram world as That Cosplay Family. Every year they create themed cosplays and go to cosplay conventions and other events. It's a creative outlet for the whole family and the boys absolutely love it. But to those who know them beyond the Cosplay world, Jollette is a portrait photographer, Louis works in the city and loves working on cars, Joelle is thoughtful and wicked smart, and Lennox is fearless and true to himself. There's a creative vein that runs through them all. They live their lives with compassion, imagination, and deep connection. Having the opportunity to document and honor their family through my work was truly a dream come true! Thank you Jollette and Louis for welcoming me into your home and your forest! It was a day I won't soon forget.

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