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Hey, I'm Jillian

I'm a lifestyle and intimate portrait photographer based in Eastern Pennsylvania.

I love capturing people doing what they love to do. Whether that means planning a relaxed Saturday morning at home, exploring breathtaking landscapes, or working on their craft. I'm here for it all!

My approach is intentional and heart-centered. It's important to me to take time before each session to really connect with my clients and find what makes them tick. I want us to work together to create an experience that will honor your story and speak to your passions. I don't like to think of my work as simply documenting moments. Instead, I think of it as directing a film about your favorite thing! Whether that's your partner, your paintbrush, your kids, or YOU! Your story deserves to be honored in a way that feels intimate, honest, and creative. All love welcome.

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Want to try something new?

Holistic Intimate Portrait Sessions

For individuals looking to connect with themselves on a deeper level.

Holistic Intimate Portrait Sessions use a combination of coaching and photography to create a boudoir experience rooted in trust and safety of expression. Before your photo session, you'll have a Grounding Session with holistic life coach, Des from Staying Rooted Co.  Des offers a safe space for unfolding & becoming, gently guiding you to your own unique truths & discoveries. You'll have the chance to explore what comes up as you prepare for your intimate photo session in a safe and welcoming space. Then, when you're ready, you and I will work together to craft a boudoir experience that speaks to your story and feels like you. We'll discuss what came up for you during your Grounding Session, what your portrait session will mean to you, and what message you want your photos to convey. Holistic Intimate Portrait Sessions are about taking a whole-person approach to the boudoir experience. These sessions are about more than just pretty photos - they're about peeling away the layers to find your fire, your heart light, and letting it shine.


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